2017 Chevrolet Impala

سعر الإنترنت 130,000 د.إ.‏
سعر العرض 146,000 د.إ.‏

2017 Chevrolet Impala 1GZ69/02

السعر 130,000 د.إ.‏
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Chevrolet Impala 1GZ69/02

اللون N/A
سنة الصنع 2017
نوع الوقود Petrol
الأبواب 4
حجم المحرك 3,6l
التصميم الداخلي Leather
اللون Blue
ناقل Automatic
التصميم الخارجي Saloon
اللون الخارجي Blue Velvet Metallic


Every curve, every stitch, every precisely placed piece of premium material of the Chevrolet Impala was designed with one goal in mind. Give you the sanctuary from the everyday world that you deserve. So, if you feel like you need to get away from it all, watch this video and take a step closer to pure automotive bliss. Crafted with premium materials, loaded with advanced technology and brimming with power, the flagship of Chevrolet, Impala, is the full-size, luxury sedan with the confidence to match your own. Every detail has been obsessively crafted to harness not just the imagination, but also the wind, providing an aerodynamic and unforgettable ride. One glance at the sleek grooves and raised power dome hood will give you an indication of the power promised by the 3.6L engine underneath. The signature Chevrolet wide chrome grille accentuates the Impala’s exterior with its gleaming chrome, adding extra appeal and attention to your vehicle. Available LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) not only improve safety by raising visibility for other drivers, but also add a nice touch of class, which complements the overall design. The signature dual-cockpit surrounds you with meticulously tailored premium materials with an intuitive and ergonomic design. The steering column is power tilt and telescopically adjustable with the cruise control pad right where your thumb naturally rests on the wheel. The prominent center stack houses the climate controls and a vivid 8-inch touchscreen display. Little extras like available ambient lighting and heated steering wheel only serve to heighten the level of luxury inside. Impala is an undeniably energetic force, and that power is derived from its 3.6 liter V6 engine. With 305 horsepower, Impala rushes from 0 to 100KPH in only 6.8 seconds. The direct fuel injection and variable valve timing combine to improve performance to a superb level, contributing to an exhilarating, confident ride. The premium electric rack-and-pinion steering system has been expertly crafted to give you precis

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